Alaska – Mexico
Fernand Zeimes

In 1990, at 22 years old, Fernand Zeimes decides to cycle from Alaska to Mexico. After months of preparation he sets off, still unsure of what to expect. The young Luxembourger is soon struck by both the vast loneliness and natural beauty of the places he travels through, as well as by the crowded cities and the generosity of the people whose openness and outlook on life are completely new to him. At times overcome by feelings of doubt and a longing for home, Fernand’s determination, perseverance and hunger for new adventures propel him onward, and he continues his journey on foot, south of the Mexican border. The unknown, which at times seemed so frightening, brings about new, enriching and memorable experiences. — Almost 30 years later, we had the great pleasure to work with Fernand on the book, doing the layout, redrawing the old maps and searching for the right paper and finish. The book came out in english and in luxembourgish and is available in bookstores or directly through his website